Lay summaries of the 22 research projects of NRP 76

Following the first meeting of all researchers of NRP 76 in Bern, the lay summaries of the 22 research projects are now available online.

The researchers participating in NRP 76 met for the first time at the kick-off meeting of 5 October 2018 in Bern. They presented their projects and talked about knowledge transfer with the Steering Committee. In doing so, they made the first steps towards connecting research and practice. NRP 76 is expected to contribute substantially to a better understanding of historical and current developments, including the societal effects and consequences of welfare and coercion in Switzerland. Politicians, practitioners and members of the public hope to receive practical and orientational information on caring for vulnerable people as well as on raising awareness for different forms of exclusion in the context of the state welfare system and child and adult protection. Finally, the programme is expected to recommend useful approaches to developing policies and practices.

The project descriptions, which are now available online, outline how the individual projects contribute to the programme.