Variability in responses to early-life adversity and their consequences on aging

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We conducted a study at the Department of Psychology of the University of Zurich, in which we examined the long-term consequences of early-life adversity in a high-risk sample of older individuals who were institutionalized or otherwise administratively placed in care in their childhood or adolescence.

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    Our project encompasses three studies: a main study and two side studies. The main study, which is a prospective longitudinal study, examines a mid- to older-aged Swiss cohort of persons that were affected by compulsory social measures and placements (CSMP) in their childhood and/or adolescence. This study examines outcomes and trajectories of psychological and physical health over time, as well as related vulnerability and resilience factors. In an international comparison side study, data of our own recently conducted study with former Verdingkinder and data, that was collected in a study with former institutionalized individuals in Ireland, is compared. Another descriptive side study examines a cohort of institution staff and foster families involved in the care of persons affected by CSMP.

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    Differential aging trajectories in high-risk individuals with past experiences of early adversity