Awaiting programme synthesis

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Most of the NRP 76 projects have been completed. The task now is to synthesise the results by collating and combining them and by answering the key questions of the NRP.

Ever since the research work first got under way in 2018, NRP 76 has sought to meet various requirements: First, new insights into Switzerland's welfare practice and policy are to be gained – with the main focus on the causes and mechanisms underlying measures that are damaging to personal integrity. Second, the suffering endured and its consequences are to be documented and reappraised in the interest of the victims, persons affected and their descendants. And third, historical and contemporary aspects of welfare and coercion practices are to be analysed in a way that enables practical and orientational information on caring for vulnerable people to be gained. These demanding expectations will form the basis for the synthesis work.

Four publications in two waves

At the beginning of 2024, three thematic publications to which practically all of the researchers involved in NRP 76 have contributed will be published. The books will be available in German and French and take an in-depth look at three subject areas:

  • Volume 1 “Zwischen Schutz und Zwang: Normen und Praktiken im Wandel der Zeit” [Between protection and coercion: Changing norms and practices through the years];
  • Volume 2 “Diffuse Verantwortlichkeiten: Strukturen, Akteur:innen und Bewährungsproben” [Diffuse responsibilities: structures, actors and acid tests];
  • Volume 3 “Schicksale der Fremdplatzierung: Behördenentscheidungen und Auswirkungen auf den Lebenslauf” [The fates of those placed in care: decisions by the authorities and their consequences on life courses].

The books contain findings from the research projects and reveal connections between them from an overarching perspective.

In the spring of 2024, an additional compact synthesis of the most important findings and impetuses will be made available to decision-makers: This short publication will contain key, integrated findings on the causes and impacts of interventions in people’s lives, demonstrate their importance to those currently involved in practice and policy, and specify what action needs to be taken by practitioners, the administration and politicians. The compact synthesis, which will appear in German, French and Italian, is intended to contribute to the current debate on welfare and coercion by providing clear, easy-to-read information about the key findings.

Communicating the results to a wide audience

The findings of NRP 76 will be publicised throughout Switzerland at a launch event for the three thematic publications, with accompanying short videos, as well as at a media conference and a public event to celebrate completion of the programme in spring 2024.