Book launch on 6 March 2024 in Bern: NRP 76 presents its results

The results of the NRP 76 research projects will be published in three volumes by Schwabe Verlag in March 2024.

The results of NRP 76 will be presented in three thematic volumes in both German and French. The volumes are published by Schwabe Verlag and will be available as printed editions and eBooks (open access) from March 2024.

Each volume contains around 10 contributions by NRP 76 researchers.

Volume 1

Zwischen Schutz und Zwang. Normen und Praktiken im Wandel der Zeit / Entre protection et coercition. Normes et pratiques au fil du temps
Editors: Christoph Häfeli, Martin Lengwiler, Margot Vogel Campanello

Volume 2

Diffuse Verantwortlichkeiten. Strukturen, Akteur:innen und Bewährungsproben / Responsabilités brouillées. Structures, intervenant·es et mises à l’épreuve
Editors: Vincent Barras, Alexandra Jungo, Fritz Sager

Volume 3

Schicksale der Fremdplatzierung. Behördenentscheidungen und Auswirkungen auf den Lebenslauf / Placements et destinée. Décisions des autorités et conséquences sur les parcours de vie
Editors: René Knüsel, Alexander Grob, Véronique Mottier

The books will be presented at a book launch on 6 March 2024 at the Cinématte in Bern. Five short films on NRP 76 projects will also be shown.

In May 2024, NRP 76 will present a synthesis with summarised results and recommendations for policymakers and practitioners. It will be presented to the media and to the general public at the closing conference on 24 May 2024 on the Gurten in Bern.